Super Paws Rescue

Super Paws Rescue

We are a non profit foster based rescue located in Southern Ontario

We are on a mission to give all dogs a chance, we will always advocate for them, and will help show them the true meaning of love! We will not discriminate based on breed, size or past and will always ensure the dogs in our rescue are getting the best possible care and are set up to succeed. 

Events Coming Soon

Bake sale ~ July 10th Location TBD

Adoption Event ~ July 10th Location TBD

Movie night fundraiser ~ Date and location TBD

Adoption events coming up ~ July 31st in acton Ontario

What is our Mission?

We will always help those who can not help themselves. We will advocate for them. We Will never discriminate them based on breed, age, temperament or past. We will ensure they are never put in a negative, dangerous or bad situation again. We will be very careful to ensure we set them and their forever family up for success. We will save as many as we can.

We will do our best to help first time owners, fosters, and the community learn. We will place as many dogs as we possibly can. We promise to inspire, teach and continue to learn so that we can do our best to help and stand for those who cannot themselves.


Founders of Super Paws Rescue

My name is Megan and my fiancĂ© is Greg. We are the founders of Super Paw Rescue! We have both known we always wanted to help animals. Ever since a young age we have had a passion to help, to advocate to stand up for them. We have both grown up with dogs and pretty much every animal. Megan with the help of her older sister would bring home every “lost” animal they found and try and convince their parents to let them keep them! When Megan met Greg and they moved in together it was not a surprise when they ended up with a rescued hedgehog, and a dwarf hamster (oops) when two stranded guinea pigs needed a home they welcomed them in with open arms till a forever family was found about a year later they started fostering their pup Duncan… well fostering didn’t last long and no one was surprised when they foster failed.

Realizing what Duncans previous life was like we realized just how bad we wanted to help but weren’t sure how we started researching and planning and then we realized we found our calling, together we would be apart of the amazing community that helps place dogs in safe and loving homes. We put together a plan and put it into action. We are a registered non profit so we will be relying on donations and our incredible foster families to get these dogs the life they deserve!