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Here you will find all of our doggos looking for their forever homes! Submit an application and we will help to find your forever match! Thank you!

Application process

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You only need one application, If the dog you apply to gets adopted, we will keep your application on file and find you a perfect match!


Age 7 ~ Rotti mix ~ Female ~ Only pet home ~ Kid friendly (8 years old plus) ~ Docile temperament ~ Loving, Lazy, and cuddly!

Karma is a rotti mix, she is the sweetest most gentle girl! She is currently working on losing a few pounds so she can go on more walks easier! she is a healthy girl who will love her humans! She is not pet friendly as she can get a little much when it comes to her pray drive. She is a smart well trained gal and will love spending quality time sitting or adventuring!


Age 2 ~ Male ~ Bordeaux/Bully mix ~ Dog and cat friendly ~ Older kids only 15 +~ Loving Temperament ~ Loves snuggles, playing, and snoozing! ~ Breed knowledge required!

Bruce is the biggest goof ball full of love! He absolutely loves his humans and is protective of them! He loves to play and snuggle up to snooze! He is always happy to lazy around or go on a short adventure! He can take some time to warm up to men but when he does you’ll have a friend for life!


Age 1 ~ Female ~ Lab/ shepherd mix ~ Selective with dogs ~ Older kids only ~ Separation anxiety ~ docile temperament ~ Loving, playful, sweet!

Audrey is a sweet and loving girl! She loves to play with docile dogs and is warming up to new people! She is currently working on her anxiety and is learning to not be so frightened of the world! She is a lovely cuddle buddy and is happy to adventure or snuggle up! She is a sweet loving and docile companion!


Age 5 ~ Female ~ Brussels/Griffon Chihuahua mix ~ Dog and cat friendly ~ Adult only ~ Sassy temperament ~ Loves snuggles, playing, snoozing!

Zoey is a sweet girl who is working on her social skills! She is full of love under a rough exterior! She is 5 years old and a sweet girl who really bonds with her person! She is an adult only home as she has not had the best past with them! She will require further training through the rescue and will need someone to take time with her and let her be comfortable.  



Age 10 months ~ Medical ~ Lab/whippet mix ~ Selective with dogs ~ Older kids only ~ Anxiety ~ Sweet, docile, loving!

Mowgli came all the way from India! He is a special pup that is struggling with his back legs, he was hit by a car and was brought here to help him regain his strength, We are currently working on hydrotherapy and lazar therapy to help him! We fully believe he will regain the strength in his back legs! He loves to play and be pet! He does struggle meeting new people so we are working on showing him the worlds not a scary place!



Age 2 years – High activity – Bully/dogo mix – Loves dogs just timid – Older kids – Sweet, Hyper, Loving!

Wally came to us as a local surrender, He has had a terrible start to life, he was severally abuse. We have been working on building his confidence and working on calmness, he is struggling to be calm so implementing boundaries and continuing with our trainer is a must! He is a wonderful dog once someone shows him love and patients.



4 years old – Low activity – Mastiff – Nervous with other dogs – older kids – Sweet, Snuggling, Loving!

Bentley is an amazing boy! He is full of love and just wants to snuggle! He would do well in an environment with someone who is home more thank not! He is a people pleaser and is very smart, he is getting much better at walking and working hard at that with his transitional leash!


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