You can be a super hero, Foster today!

Do you have a love for dogs and want to help?

Thinking you want to adopt but not ready yet?

Have a safe space a dog can decompress without the stress of being in a kennel?

Looking to gain experience with dogs?

Apply today!

Fostering is such a rewarding experience and you will be helping the dogs in more ways than you know!

Aside from the endless doggo kisses you will receive!

You are making room for us to save more dogs!

You will be letting the dog gain experience in a home!

You will be helping us learn about the animal so we can find the perfect family!

Fostering is a commitment, it is the most amazing commitment you can give yourself and the doggo! It’s an incredible thing and it is tons of fun but still a commitment. These dogs have been passed around time and time again and we are looking for fosters to keep them till they go to their forever home. The first few days will be an adjustment for both of you. If you can stick out the first little bit you are golden the dog will learn he or she can trust you and they are not gonna get uprooted again. We get it is an adjustment and we are here to offer tips, tricks and support. We want you to thrive we are here for any questions you have! All we ask is if you apply you need to be willing to put in the work with them, we offer the support but you need to help them adjust as best as you can!

Some Foster FAQ’s

What happens if you find you can’t say goodbye?

That is what we call a foster fail! Its not so much a fail exactly but you get first choice since you are their foster, if you decide you cant say goodbye we would be happy to have you adopt the dog!

What happens when the dog goes to its forever home?

Once your foster pup goes to their forever home, we would put you back onto our foster list if you would like and pair you up with another dog in need of saving!

What is the cost to foster?

There is no cost to you aside from love! Super Paws Rescue covers all costs given of the dog. Their food, crate, toys, vet visits etc.. Your job is to provide the animal with a safe, humane place to stay, to learn about the dog and give it access to food and fresh water. Give it snuggles and make sure to send us updates so we can match it with the perfect family!

What if my family member or friend wants to adopt my foster dog?

If thats the case they would simply apply under foster to adopt, they would be given second preference for adopting because they know and have interacted with the dog. Provided we approve their application we would love for the pup to go to a family member or friend!

Is there any support from the rescue?

We are here for you to encourage, support, help, educate, whatever you need we are here! We are a message away and are always more than happy to help out! we love updates positive and negative so never feel as tho you are bothering us, I guarantee you are not!

If I have a dog already, can I still foster?

Absolutely, we would simply pair you with a dog good with other dogs!

How does the application process work?

Once you submit your application we will get back to you within 48 hours if your application has been approved, we would then do a vet and reference check then we would call you for a little chat via phone get to know you, home check (virtual due to covid) and then once a dog needs a placement if it matched you we would give you a call and SHAZAM you are an official super paws foster!

You’re not just a Foster! To us and the dogs you are a Super hero!

Super paws rescue

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