Here at Super Paws we want whats best for our dogs and you!

We are here to advocate for the dogs and to find them the best home! Once you complete our application you will go through a phone interview, once that is done we do a reference check and vet check, we then ask you to meet the dog to ensure you think they will be a good match! We are located in Hamilton ontario. provided the meet and greet goes well we then bring up the dog to you! We will do a home check and ensure the dog feels comfortable ~ we will chat with you for things the dog will need and as long as both parties are comfortable you have a new family member!

Adoption fee.

Our adoption fee is based on the dog. The adoption fee is non refundable after 7 days of it being sent (Adoption day) which goes with the application agreement that is signed when applying.

Adoption Contract

Once everything is set and agreed and we are able to get together the vet records from past vet and our 2 vets and customize the contract and we will bring you the adoption contract to sign and papered vet copies. When we come to you to sign the adoption contract we will do a second home check to ensure all is well and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

**Please complete the application in full it will be denied if things are left blank. please answer in as much detail as you can. **

Adopt FAQ’s

What happens if its not the right fit?

Thats okay, we understand! We would simply pair you with a different dog that may better suit your lifestyle, and we try again! That is the beauty of first 2 weeks as the trial adopt!

Can I just adopt a dog right away do I have to do the program?

No, The program is mandatory because we want success for both parties involved. Everyone who adopts through us has to do the 2 week foster/trial.

Will my application get denied because i have kids?

Absolutely not! We love kids here at Super Paws! It may be a bit of a longer wait for a dog because we need to ensure it is one that is kid friendly but the only way your application will be denied is if you lie on the application.

Its been more than 48 hours since I submitted my application does that mean i didn’t get approved?

Not necessarily, we are very busy and sometimes things slip by, please feel free to call us at 2894422167 to follow up, we are happy to help!

What happens if i adopt and can no longer care for the dog?

We understand, we will bring the dog back into our care and find them a new home, we will never judge you for needing to re home your dog, we respect you for doing the right thing altho it is mandatory tho that they come back through Super Paws Rescue you are not allowed to re home them yourselves.

How does the application process work?

Once submitted you will get a response within 48 hours if you are approved, we would then conduct a reference check and vet check, a home check and do a meet and greet, once we have are ready to bring the dog to you, we will head over at a pre arranged time. When we arrive the founders will complete an in person home check, then bring the dog in. Provided the dog is comfortable and we are comfortable leaving the dog, you will have a new family member to get to know and we will leave you to it, then follow up to see how you are doing about a week into it then once the two weeks is up! We are here for you anytime between that tho!

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