Happily Ever After Tails!

Harper Ann – Harper came to us on March 3rd 2021. She was surrendered due to reacting to smaller dogs. She was the sweetest most loving girl! She was a mixed breed who just loved love! She stole our hearts from the second we met her. On her journey she stayed with us for a few weeks and then headed to her foster to adopt home. We knew exactly where she would fit! We had the most wonderful couple apply to foster to adopt and she felt like the perfect fit for them! My golly were we correct! She stole their hearts pretty much as soon as they met her! She is the most beautiful, sweet, loving soul and right away they knew she was meant for them! It wasn’t even a week before adoption papers were signed and she became their missing piece!

Ellie – Ellie is a sweet girl who just loves to be with her humans! She is a special girl that steals you heart so quickly, She did exactly that with her foster parents who now have become her official family! She makes a connection so deep to everyone she meets and knows the heart strings to pull on! She is stubborn through and through but is also an amazing guardian! She loves unconditionally no matter her past and can’t wait to spend her forever getting spoiled rotten by her new mom dad and official brother milo the husky! She loves playing ball and going on adventures and is working on her manners! We are so thankful her fosters gave her the opportunity and now an amazing life!

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