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Crate training! Is it right for me?

Crate training is an amazing tool! It is a safe place for the dog to go if they need some time, if your not able to keep an eye on them, to keep them safe when you leave the house. Crate training has so many benefits for both the dog and you, but not every dog can be in a crate and not every dog is at the same stage of crate training.

Crates although are a safe place for most dogs some may have some crate anxiety. This can be caused by any number of reasons and is something that needs to be worked on as it is a slow and steady process!

A few ways to make the crate a happy place are:

Feeding in the crate with the door open.

Putting a blanket or bed in the crate or something that has your scent on it.

Having the crate open and accessible for the dog to explore.

Placing a blanket over the crate to let it feel like a den.

Placing a stuffed toy in the crate.

Putting some calming music on in the background.

Leaving a Tv or radio on quietly.

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